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Ms. Debbie

Ms. Debbie Backstage Dance Connection

Ms. Debbie is the co-owner and operations administrator of Backstage Dance Connection. She has been familiar with the dance world for over 20 years. Before pursuing a career as a Studio Owner, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and also worked with her family operating a chain of convenience stores in the Upstate.


Ms. Debbie is blessed with an amazing family and it has always been her dream to open a dance studio with her daughters. Together, in August 2012, they opened Backstage Dance Connection and have never looked back! Her daughters, Corey and Seany, were raised with gymnastics and competitive dance training, and both are co-owners and directors at BDC! In 2014, Backstage Dance Connection expanded with a Tumbling Headquarters, as well as an Afterschool and Summer Camp Program.

Ms. Debbie loves watching all of the talented performers on and off the stage. Debbie is always sporting a ball cap and considers the members of BDC a part of her family.

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