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Ms. Seany

Ms. Seany Urick is a co-owner and director at Backstage Dance Connection located in Boiling Springs, SC. Ms. Seany teaches clogging, tap, competition teams, as well as many other styles of dance.

Ms. Seany is a co-owner/director of Backstage Dance Connection. She has studied dance for 27 years, and still continues her dance education today.

She had always dreamed of opening her very own dance studio so that she could share her passion and love for dance with others. She has always believed that every day is another chance to make her dreams come true, which is why she decided to open BDC with her mom and sister!

Ms. Seany danced on competitive dance teams in all styles for 11 years where she won multiple titles on Local, State, and National levels. Seany was also a member of a professional dance company in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2011 called E’Clatez, under the direction of choreographer Christopher Robbins.

She has trained under notable choreophers; such as Mandy Moore, Denise Wall, and Mia Michaels to name a few. Ms. Seany was also a Professional Dancer in Dancing with the Spartanburg Stars 2022. She has also taught dance at multiple places in the community, and she enjoys working with children every day and helping each and every one of them develop into better dancers and performers. 

Ms. Seany believes in bringing the best to all of the students at BDC, so her and the rest of the BDC Crew members travelled to New York to further their education at “Dance Teacher Summit”. She has studied and trained with choreographers from all around the world to provide BDC with the best possible education in the area of dance.

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