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Ages 3-6


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Hip-Hop dance is a very popular form of dance that incorporates street style dance with choreographed expressions and is primarily performed to hip-hop music. Because of how it was formed and how it’s practiced, Hip-Hop is considered a street dance, which means it can be done with or without a formal dance background.

Whether or not you have had the resources to be technically trained in dance, you can master this style! Today, many classes practice elements of various Hip-Hop dances, often mixing them with more structured dance styles such as Jazz and various tumbling skills.

Since Hip-Hop is such a broad genre, it gives students room to interpret movements in various ways. Although Hip-Hop classes are fast-paced and challenging, it allows each dancer to emphasize their creative rhythmic talents.

Hip-Hop choreography at Backstage Dance Connection is kept to a policy standard that assures conservative movement that is appropriate to all audiences.

All movement will be modest and age appropriate and all music will be free of questionable lyrics. Hip-Hop is a fast-paced class focused on body isolations, popping, locking, break dance style floor work. Self-confidence, swag/attitude, and musicality are a main focus.

Suggested Attire

Express your style with comfortable, appropriate dancewear (such as t-shirt and sweatpants) and tennis shoes.

Socked feet are not allowed due to the danger of slipping. Please wear shoes or bare feet.

Clothing and shoes can be purchased at Backstage Dance Connection.