Makayla’s career with Backstage Dance Connection started in 2013. During this time, she has learned, taught, and competed in several different styles of dance.

Makayla has a wide background in dance and teaches a variety of styles, but her favorite remains Jazz. Over the course of her dance career, Makayla has competed at many Regional and National Dance Competitions across the Upstate including winning a National Championship title with BDC’s Lyrical routine in 2017.

In addition to competitions, she has performed in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World in both 2015 and 2019 with Backstage Dance Connection’s VIP competition teams.

She has also worked with many well-known professional dancers and choreographers such as Mike Curtis and Adison Hillstead from the professional clogging group “All That” and taken many workshops from Grant Chenok, EJ Ferencak, and more.

Makayla’s main focus while teaching dance is to not only create a technically challenging class for her students to learn and grow, but also a fun-loving space for her students to express their own creativity.

Makayla is always smiling and is ready for any new challenges ahead and is excited to share her passion and knowledge in dance with her students.